Aliens medical team collaborates with humans

Original report by:

 Adrian Dvir M.Sc

Instead of abducting people to UFO for medical examination,
as other aliens do, these aliens collaborate with "Contact People "
and perform the medical research in aliens/humans clinic on earth.
And all is done only after the patients give their full consent.

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My name is Adrian Dvir and I am one of the "contact people".

In 1994 the Aliens built a clinic in my apartment and together we treated sick people. I used my daily contact with the Aliens medical team and others to learn about them as much as I could. I practically conducted a private research about the Aliens.

In January 1999 I published my first 420 pages book in Hebrew about the aliens medical teams. The English version is on its way
Email to:
Tel: (972-3) 9649440, Mobile: (972-52)654138

.Adrian Dvir

Adrian Dvir M.Sc

I questioned the aliens about their treatments, medical equipment and other issues:
Aliens implants , Parallel Universes
relation between universes
Universe size and origin
Aliens fly faster than the speed of light

Aliens long distance communication system between galaxies
Communication with Aliens
, Q&A
Treatment via internet

Translated chapters from the first book
X3 Healing Entities and Aliens.
Author: Adrian Dvir

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Metal artifacts appear in knee MRI  

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Hebrew Lectures
Location:  26 Gordon Street, 2 floor,  left door. 20:30 in the evening.

The Israel Society of Awareness
972-4 8642104,  050-625759,  04-8642104

Other Contact People Healers that collaborate with the same Aliens medical team organization are:

Haya Levy

Tami Kaly picture 

Shula |Israeli

Haya Levy
Tel: ( 972-3)9459608

Tami Kali
Tel: (972-2)6428024
Mobile: 052-609415

  Shula Israeli
Tel: (972-6)67954333
Tel: (972-6) 6954596

Tovi Baary
Tel: (972-3) 9581881
Mobile: 050-444093

The aliens disclosed that there are more than 100 clinics all over the world. currently I know of 30 Aliens clinics in ISRAEL .
The Aliens  mentioned USA, Denmark, Australia, Japan, France and London.
The alien's medical teams study our anatomy, physiology and common diseases in order to find cure for human illnesses.
Other Aliens teams study earth Ecology, Nuclear weapons and many other aspects of human civilization.
The research teams make part of a huge alien's organization: the
Alien's council. In this council there are representatives of 54 Alien civilizations. The aliens disclosed that many similar Aliens organizations exist.
The Aliens council purpose is to add earth as a member in their organization

Alien treatments of Physical Ailments

Alien treatments of past life trauma


13. 12 1998
On ISRAEL local Cable TV (MATAV). Where did the UFO disappeared ?

Matav TV Show

  20.12. 1998
The Mike Jarmus Radio program
Reality and beyond- Transmitting from New-York to north America and beyond.


Videa TV show

Jude Morning  
show on ISRAEL TV channel 2



Jude Morning TV show

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Show on ISRAEL TV channel 33


Mike Huler TV show

Haim Behakizis 

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Eyal Behakizis TV show

"Avraham and Jacob"
Prime time

TV show
Adrian Dvir and
Shula Israeli

Published Books


2001 2002 2002
Hebrew Book
Hebrew first Book published in ISRAEL in 1999. Hebrew second book published in ISRAEL by GAL publishing Ltd. English Edition published  by GAL publishing Ltd. Romania Edition published in Romania by MIRACOL publishing.



Surfer's correspondence

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Aliens look

Readers comments

Aliens GOD and Religion

Collaborating with Aliens
Correspondence 3:  

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Correspondence 2

Incarnated Aliens 
The touchy story of Gianna 


28.6.1977 The Aliens council 
Organization of 54 planets - All universe organizations
18.9.1997 Professor Bach interview
An alien medical specialist speaks about his work, home world and race.
2.9.1998 UFO sighting on the 2.9.1998
It looked like three lights crafts that hovered above us for about 30 minutes. The lights were blue, red and green. Video included.


10.1998 Solar Storm damaged Aliens Ship
Aliens contact channels went dead as a result of space bad weather. 


Other Aliens contacts (No medical teams)

The following contacts made by Aliens that did not cure a sole. Their real purpose of contact was unclear. They declared many things but I have no way to check their real intentions. This contact was discontinued in 1999.
22. 1.1999 An alien voice on my mobile phone
He tells a startling story. Is he really an alien ?
The Kliendcontlar race contact.
15. 6.1999 The Prozt alien race contact
Another attempt with questionable intentions.
20.10.1999 The Elkit Alien race contact 
A short email contact from "someone" that seems to know too much about me.


Years ago I painted Strange paintings.

Click on the painting to see more.

Copyright (C) 1998-2001 by Adrian Dvir. May be reproduced for noncommercial purposes as long as attribution is given.

First posted: 15- 8-1998,      Updated: 03-07-2002